Innovating to propose adapted housing solutions 

Affordable housing represents an opportunity to reconsider urbanization trends, housing policy as well as urban planning in African cities. The formal sector requires to significantly scale up its production to deliver quality and sustainable housing adapted to the deman, enhancing the quality of life of communities.

MOABI Group's objective is to improve real estate environment and market opportunities by specializing in the planning, design, funding and development of large scale residential properties targeting middle of the pyramid households.

As an example, in Nigeria it represents an addressable market of 3 million housing units.

Our success strategy is based on 5 pillars:

- Sustainable urban development,

- Innovation,

- Urban quality and architecture design

- Adaptation to the demand,

- Large scale projects realization for economies of scale


The components of our strategy are:

- Transforming the housing need in effective demand

- Building quality of affordable housing by controlling costs on the overall housing value chain through sustainable development approach. 

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