Innovating for Smart Sustainable and Affordable Cities in Africa

     Sustainable Planning


Moabi Group is an Innovator and Financial Advisor with headquater in Paris and office in Lagos.

Moabi Group strives to ensure that its entrepreneurial actions comply with a sustainable, socially-responsible approach, proposing innovative finance and construction systems conforming with high environmental standards.

A company must work for the well-being of society, preserving the environment with efficient economical activities.

This virtuous belief is a driving force for our team and our daily actions to propose innovative solutions for our customers in line with the challenges of today's society.





   Housing Finance Expertise


Moabi Group is dedicated to Smart Cities including large scale sustainable affordable housing.

Moabi Group aims to solve high-complexity housing delivery and housing infrastructure problem in a country-specific way in Africa.

Our expertise is based on 50 years of cumulated international experience developing and financing large scale affordable housing and commercial estates in USA, Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.

We benefit from an extended experience in financial advisory for developers, local authorities and governments in Africa. We provide capacity building to enhance participation by local stakeholders.




          Affordable Homes


We structure adapted funding and innovative finance for sustainable mixed use and large scale affordable housing projects.

We provide solutions for housing and infrastructure finance for  developers and municipalities across Africa.

Our creativity is also driven by innovation in terms of services and technologies. Our solutions are adapted to the local culture and environment.

We cultivate these values through collaboration and discussion with all our partners: architects, international institutions, local companies and local communities.


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