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Dr. Delphine Sangodeyi, Founder and CEO 

With over 25 years’ experience in France, Brazil and Sub-Saharan Africa, Dr. Delphine Sangodeyi has the proven ability to conceptualize and manage development and redevelopment of large-scale affordable housing.


She is primarily responsible for providing strategic and operational advice for housing and infrastructure development, for national and international programs. She has worked as an expert for UN Habitat, African Development Bank on affordable housing development in Sub-Saharan Africa and advised various real estate developers to deliver affordable and sustainable housing in Africa.


Benefiting from 15 years operational and strategic experience in Urban Renewal, she has a large and successful experience in managing a program representing over 1.7 billion euros for 56 projects for 3F Group, the leading social housing company in France.

She is the Director of Urban Renewal for Action Logement since 2016. Action Logement is the main financier of the National Agency for Urban Renewal in France. The New National Program of Urban Renewal represents 14.1 billion euros of subsidies and subsidised loans aiming to improve social and affordable housing in 480 neighborhoods in France as well as their access to transportation, equipment and services. Such experience represents a reference to solve housing challenges. This national program impacts the life and urban environment of more than 5 million people. 


Dr. Delphine Sangodeyi is the Founder of Moabi Group, with the objective to provide concrete solutions for the realisation of affordable housing in Sub-Saharan Africa, furthermore participating to the construction of sustainable smart cities.


Dr. Delphine Sangodeyi holds a Doctorate in Geography from the University of Reims and an Executive Master Degree in Real Estate Strategy and Finance from the Institute of Polical Sciences (Sciences Po) and the National School of Real Estate Finance (ENFI) in Paris.


DIG Taiwo Lakanu (ret.)



Dr. Jeremy Gorelick, Municipal and Housing Finance
Professor Jeremy Gorelick of the Johns Hopkins University specializes in structuring the financing of large-scale real estate development projects in the global south. 
As the chief financial advisor to a successful real estate development firm in the greater New York metropolitan area, he has been responsible for bringing in the required capital for the construction of over 645 multi-family residences, 187 single-family residences and 150,000 square feet of commercial space since 2003. 
He has also assisted the Affordable Housing Institute to establish its Capital Markets division, serving as its inaugural Managing Director. 
Since 2011, he has served as the lead technical/financial advisor for the City of Dakar on its Municipal Finance Program, and has provided the city with the necessary information and framework to launch a USD 40 million municipal bond for infrastructure purposes. 
Dr. Jeremy Gorelick is an advisor in a senior role for a number of bilateral and multilateral organizations, including the World Bank, the United Nations, the French Development Agency, GIZ, USAID, DFID and he is a board member of various Impact Funds.
Dr. Jeremy Gorelick holds a Master of Finance from the University John Hopkins and a Doctorate in Municipal Finance from the University of Cap Town.

Mr. Chris Evans, Global Banking and Corporate Investment


Chris Evans Brings a wealth of financial industry expertise with 40 years of global banking experience.

He has over US$ 16 billion of experience in bond transactions, including foreign currency transactions for banks and businesses.


Chris Evans is the Founder and CEO of GFI GROUP, established in 2004, which is a financial organisation specialising in emerging capital markets, corporate finance, projects and international trade. Chris Evans has extensive experience in global and local financial markets and has writtend the paper to lauch Kenya's debt capital market, which is now the third largest in Sub-Saharan Africa.


He has excellent experience in debt restructuring and rescheduling, including Nigeria's US$ 10 billion commercial debt. Chris Evans also has extensive experience raising funds for start-ups and to support the development of companies. 


Mr. Evans has managed five banks and held senior positions as Regional Manager responsible for 5 banks in Africa at Standard Bank in South Africa. He was involved in the purchase, sale and disposal of 23 banks.

He created Stanbi's Mauritius Bank which managed the HCY Treasury Operations for the 17 subsidiaries of Stanbic Africa (AUM $3 billion) and is also Director of a micro-finance company in South Africa.


Chris Evans is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers United Kingdom - Distinction in Law.



Mrs. Rachel Aron, Environment and Social Development


Mrs. Rachel Aron is a qualified and motivated Social Development Advisor with over 16 years of expertise in identifying, analyzing, managing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting on a vast range of social considerations in
project and policy interventions gained at international development institutions and civil society organizations.
She has knowledge and experience working on environmental considerations, governance aspects and their linkages with social impact. Rachel has worked on private sector and public sector investments and initiatives in all five regions of Africa, including in transition / fragile and low income countries.
She has worked on national and multinaitonal projects and programs covering transport, energy, water and sanitation, agricultural, oil and gaz, mining, manufacturing, health, tourism, ICT and housing sectors.

Mrs. Rachel Aron has designed environmentally and socially sustainable solutions for diagnostic assessments, implementation frameworks, community investment programs, and capacity building efforts, and she has carried out tailored sustainability trainings. She has also presented at regional and international development forums and have peer reviewed reports and publications for various stakeholders.


Mrs. Rachel Aron has managed various large infrastructure projects for the African Bank of Development. She is presently the Managing Director of Rumble  Sports Africa, and she is a key influencer for Gender Equality, Sports and Business Development in Africa. 


Originaly from Uganda and based presently in South Africa, Mrs. Rachel Aron is the Ambassador for the Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club.


Mrs.Rachel Aron holds a Master Degree in Internal Development at the American University, Washington DC, USA.



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